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What Is A Laser Cut Key
What Is A Laser Cut Key

What Is A Laser Cut Key

What Is A Laser Cut Key

In the 1990s, laser-cut keys was introduced in the automotive industry. A new security based technology was eminent at that time because of the high rate of car theft and the defects in traditional lock keys. It was only popular with luxury and high-end cars in its early manufacturing days. But as time goes on, most cars use a laser-cut key because of the high-end security and the difficulty in duplicating them. But what exactly is a laser-cut key? And why is it so important and different from traditional car keys? Continue reading to find out more.

What is a Laser Cut Key

Laser Cut Key, also known as internal or side-winder keys, are cut down in the middle, making them sturdier and thicker than traditional keys. The key is cut at both sides to allow any side of the key to start the car.  In contrast, traditional keys have a groove at one side, giving them a thinner appearance. 

Laser-cut keys are cut by highly sophisticated machines, making them harder to duplicate or decode. A burglar who wants to duplicate a laser-cut key will have to invest in expensive, sophisticated machines, which are impossible to afford by a car burglar. In contrast, traditional keys are cut by conventional machines, which can be found in any hardware store. The swift cutting of traditional keys make it easy for burglars to duplicate them in minutes. However, duplicating a laser-cut key will require expensive, highly-sophisticated machines, which deters burglars from even trying. 

Additionally, most laser-cut keys have transponder chips to add an extra layer of security. Each transponder is registered to a particular vehicle, meaning that only the unique transponder registered can open the vehicle. When the laser-cut key is inserted in the ignition, the car confirms if it is the right transponder before the engine starts. If there’s a difference, the engine will refuse to start. So, even if a burglar successfully duplicates a laser-cut key, which is rare, they won’t succeed in starting the car because of the absence of the transponder chip. 

Benefits of Laser-cut keys 

  • Each Laser-cut Key is Unique:

Unlike traditional keys that have the same keys for similar models, laser-cut keys are unique to each car, and using another similar model’s key to gain access is almost impossible. 

  • Laser Keys make use of Transponders:

Laser-cut keys make use of transponders that are unique to each vehicle which provides an extra layer of security. Even if a burglar successfully copies your key, they still cannot get away with your car because of the unique transponder. 

Laser-cut keys generally provide more security than a traditional key. Its method of cutting, the thickness, and the transponder make it less vulnerable to duplicating and picking.

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