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Where Should I Put My Safe
Where Should I Put My Safe

Where Should I Put My Safe

Where Should I Put My Safe

Getting a safe to store your valuable belongings is wise, especially when burglary is at its highest peak. But getting a safe isn't just enough; you must find a secure place to keep your safe. Safes have different types and dimensions, so it is best to keep that in mind. 

In this article, we will go through the best places to keep your safe and spots that aren’t ideal for your safe.  

Inside the Wall

One of the most common places to keep your safe is in a wall. However, it is best to consider whether you will place your safe in a wall or not before purchasing a safe. That way, you will be able to determine the type of safe you are going for. Walls have certain dimensions; therefore, concealing your safe will require calculating the thickness of the wall to the width of your safe.

An advantage of a wall-mounted safe is protection against floods. Peradventure, your home gets flooded, your valuables will still be secure. When concealing your safe in the wall, ensure you have a door or a mirror covering it to distract prying eyes. 

Floor-mounted safe 

Another good place to mount your safe is on the floor. Floor-mounted safes are one of the hardest safes to steal because of the strong bolts holding them down to the floor and wall. So, if you are considering purchasing a safe that you'd like to keep secure, you can decide to go for a floor-mounted safe.

More so, the floor gives you an opportunity to protect the safe. Although these are less common, they are extremely effective. Safe buried in the floor have their sides protected by the floor itself, making it hard for burglars to try cutting out the sides. 

Basement and Attic 

The basement or Attic is a great way to keep your safe in case your house has one of these. The basement is usually uninviting and overcrowded, making it a good place to hide your safe. It will rarely raise any suspicion from burglars. An alternative to the basement is the attic. However, keeping your safe in the attic can be quite stressful because it only has one way leading it, which is most time accessed by a ladder. But if you know it is worth it, why not? 

Where Not to Keep Your Safe?

Keeping your safe in the closest isn't a good idea. Burglars know that most people keep their valuables in the closest, and they won't hesitate to check your closest first. Another place you shouldn't keep your closest is under the bed. Apart from the fact that it is easily accessible, it just isn't the right place for a safe 

Having a safe is a great way to keep your valuables secure, and keeping your safe in a secure place should be a priority. If you are still wondering about the best safe to get for your house, contact a professional locksmith to give you the best advice. 

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