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What Is A Slim Jim Tool?
What Is A Slim Jim Tool?

What Is A Slim Jim Tool?

What Is A Slim Jim Tool?

Do you have a car alarm installed and working? Are you aware of the right company or individual to call during car emergencies? What if the incident happened far from your environs – how can you get a solution?

The fact is, having some tools like Slim Jim could save you from an embarrassing situation. Yes, you can use a Slim Jim to effortlessly pick your car lock when the keys are lost or stolen! Surprised? Then, read through to learn more about this DIY tool.

What is a Slim Jim Tool?

The Slim Jim tool is a metal instrument that comes in a slender shape, and it is designed to manipulate or unlock accidentally locked cars. It is also called a lockout tool or a lock-pick.

How Slim Jim Works

Slim Jims are devices used to open car doors that have easily accessible locks. These locks can be opened by pulling the string tied to them properly. As a replacement, a Slim Jim will be used to reach and manipulate the wire.

The process starts with checking whether the car's lock is compatible with the Slim Jim method. After the inspection, start with the passenger side of the vehicle. Next, place the Slim Jim tool between the car frame and the rubber seal along the window. Then, slowly and steadily find the keyhole using the Slim Jim. When the lock finally starts to open, it means the tool has reached the point where the lock is secured. Now, deal with the levers and the rods nearby, skillfully operating them to lift the door lock. Next, raise the device to disentangle the latching mechanism of the door.

Is a Slim Jim the Right Tool to Unlock a Modern Car?

The Slim Jim evolved before the criminals took advantage of its popularity. Car thieves used it to open many vehicles in the past. This made car manufacturing companies to design and install more secure locking systems. 

Nowadays, lock rods are protected, and a barrier is installed in the window area. Most car locks are secured or safeguarded by special techniques so that one cannot just access the vehicle with a Slim Jim. Thinner models are represented, but these require even more knowledge and skill from a locksmith in Mableton.

Is Slim Jims a Tool For Anyone to Unlock Their Car Doors?

The answer is No! You have to know the internal structure of your car door and understand how the lock is operated. The exact location of the rods, which can open the way to the exit, is of great importance. Mistakes can be made in placing a rod or lever leading to the door failing to open even with a key. Some activities are done suitably by experts, and this is one of them.

Call Locksmith to Help

Although a slim Jim can unlock older cars, you need an expert to unlock your car doors during emergencies.

In case of any lock and key problems stopping you from unlocking your car, contact the professionals from QuickPro Locksmith. We provide quick and affordable solutions to all your car needs. We have the right tools and experience to tackle any car challenge.