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What to Do When your Car Keys Won’t Turn in Ignition
What to Do When your Car Keys Won’t Turn in Ignition

What to Do When your Car Keys Won’t Turn in Ignition

What to Do When Your Car Keys Won’t Turn in Ignition

Sometimes, a car key can fail to turn inside the ignition for certain reasons. You might have seen some professionals on the internet asking you to turn the steering wheel to the left or right and then take note of the side of the wheel that the key does not turn to. All these are not the ideal solution to a key not turning in the ignition. You need to contact a professional automobile locksmith like QuickPro Locksmith for help and don’t complicate the issue by forcing the key inside the ignition. 

If your steering wheel is locked, it is almost impossible to turn your car key inside the ignition. If a locked steering wheel is the only reason why your key is not turning in the ignition, then you should consult your automotive locksmith in Atlanta for assistance.

Other reasons why your car key wouldn’t turn in ignition

Aside from a locked wheel, the presence of dirt, debris or pocket lint, inside the ignition lock cylinder, may prevent the key from turning inside the ignition system. The ignition of a car can easily harbor dirt and debris; hence you must avoid poking inside of it.  Though, some experts suggest that you spray an electric cleaner in the ignition before you gently slide in the key in and out, in order to get rid of the debris and dirt- this is still not a permanent solution, you still have to contact your automobile locksmith.

Another problem that can cause your key not to turn in its ignition is when the key is worn or damaged. Experts suggest that you try to pull the key out slowly before you try to turn it again. If this step doesn’t work, then you need to contact your locksmith. Sometimes, your key may not be the source of the problem but a failing ignition system.  A worn, damaged or failed ignition lock cylinder may also be the main reason why the key is not turning. Many of the ignition lock cylinders are designed to last no longer than 60,000 miles and some can even become problematic under 40,000 miles. You need to consult QuickPro Locksmith for a thorough check on your ignition lock cylinder, as it may be causing the key not to turn inside.

QuickPro Locksmith provides 100% reliable key issues relating to ignition 

There are so many reasons your car key may not turn inside the ignition and 4 of such reasons have been explained. There are several other issues that can trigger this problem and you will never discover the problem until you contact a reputable automobile locksmith technician. QuickPro Locksmith offers a diagnostic approach to rectifying problems associated with keys not turning inside the car ignition. With the right advance and modern diagnostic tools, it becomes a lot easier to detect internal ignition problems that are not visible on the outside. QuickPro Locksmith offers 100% efficient, and reliable repair, replacement, and installation services for car keys and ignition systems.