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When to Use Multi-Point Locks: A Guide
When to Use Multi-Point Locks: A Guide

When to Use Multi-Point Locks: A Guide

When to Use Multi-Point Locks: A Guide

One of the ways you can enhance the security of your home or office is by upgrading your front door locks. There is a variety of high-security lock brands and models you can choose from. However, we recommend you consult a qualified locksmith for a security assessment and a reliable lock installation service.

Multi-point locks have many security benefits and we understand why you may be tempted to have them in your front and exit doors. However, this type of lock is not designed for all situations. You need to understand the purpose of a lock to enjoy its benefits and QuickPro Locksmith offers professional security advice, assessments, and recommendations.

So, when is the right situation to install multi-point locks?

In this post, you’d get some guidelines to help you understand when to use this type of lock. We will by explaining multi-point locks.

What are Multi-point Locks?

As the name implies, multi-point locks are locks that secure your door through more than one lock point. Unlike most locks which are single-point locks, most multi-point locks have lock points at the top, middle and bottom. Instead of having just one deadbolt, they have additional lock points that help to enhance security.

Criminals would need more than force to break down a multi-point lock. Also, picking this type of lock is extremely difficult.

When to Use Multi-point Locks

Here are some guidelines to help you know when to use multi-point locks:

You Need an Additional Layer of Security:

Multi-point locks are known for providing extra layer of security than their traditional counterparts. So, if you feel that your home or office needs a security upgrade that a typical deadbolt or doorknob cannot provide, you should upgrade your front door lock to a multi-point lock.

You Need a Durable and Convenient Lock:

If you want durability and convenience in a single-lock, you should go for multi-point locks. Typically, multi-point locks are more durable than standard locks. They are also more convenient as most multi-point locks automatically secure your front door once it is shut.

You Want to Secure your Patio Doors:

There are a lot of similarities in how French patio doors and entry doors operate. If your entry doors need better security, patio doors do as well. A multi-point lock will enhance the security of your patio doors as well as your entry door.

Benefits of Multi-point Locks

Here are some benefits of multi-point locks:

  • Enhanced Security: Multi-point locks provide a minimum of three points to secure your door.
  • Durability: Most multi-point locks are more durable and convenient than standard locks.
  • Difficult to Pick: Picking multi-point locks is extremely difficult. The criminal has to worry about bypassing at least three layers of security.

Final Thoughts

Before you go ahead with installing multi-point locks in your doors, you should ask for a professional security assessment. Contact QuickPro Locksmith to have your home or office assessed and ask for recommendations on how you can enhance the overall security of your property. Hiring a locksmith to ensure that you get reliable lock installation, lock replacement, lock repair, and lock maintenance services.