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Why DIY Lock Installation Is a Bad Idea
Why DIY Lock Installation Is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Lock Installation Is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Lock Installation Is a Bad Idea

As a home or business owner, saving cost sits at the top of your financial decisions. You will be on the lookout to cut costs and save some money for other expenses. While this is good, it is not always the wise choice regarding DIY projects in a building. 

Although many DIY tasks can turn out great if you follow the right steps, lock installation is not on this list. It would help if you didn't try installing a new lock or changing it. Lock installation requires experienced hands to perform successfully, and when done by an amateur, many issues might arise. 

Most of the locks in use today are complex, and if they are not installed properly by a locksmith, they will cause more problems for you later. At the end of the day, you will be forced to spend more money, incurring greater costs than you set out to achieve initially. Improper lock installation can cause any of the following:

Loose Locks and Doorknobs

No matter how easy the DIY lock installation method looks, you shouldn't try it. If you fail to install the locks correctly, they will become loose. Having loose locks comes with many disadvantages. Literally, it means that the door knobs are weak, and in effect, the security of your home is at risk. Burglars can easily break into a building with loose locks in place. 

In every building, a door is an agent of defense against attack from intruders or burglars. So if the door locks are not properly fitted and become loose, criminals can gain easily gain entry. When this happens, you may lose valuables that cost more than the initial money you didn't want to spend on hiring a locksmith. With a licensed locksmith service like QuickPro Locksmith, you don't have to worry about loose locks after installing new locks in your building. 


Only an experienced locksmith knows how to install a new lock with no misalignment issues. If, after the lock installation and you experience this problem, then the DIY project is as good as a waste of effort. This is because the door and the locking mechanism should be properly aligned. Thus, the door will not be closed or locked properly. It is expected that the latch is lined up with the strike plate. 

In case you want to take the DIY route, you might make the mistake of not properly fitting the latch so that it lines up with the strike plate. The lock will not function efficiently – exposing you to safety and security issues and also making it difficult for others to use the door. To save yourself from this stress, hire the right professional for the job. 

Furthermore, the issue with the misalignment of the lock doesn't stop at making doors hard to lock. Misaligned locks are easy to bypass by burglars who want to gain entry into a building. They are a security risk to you, your family or employees, and your valuables. You can always steer clear of this security risk by working with the experienced professionals at QuickPro Locksmith.

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