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Why is My Door Hard to Unlock?
Why is My Door Hard to Unlock?

Why is My Door Hard to Unlock?

Why is My Door Hard to Unlock?

Have you ever been annoyed because of the difficulty in unlocking your door, especially when you are in a hurry? This shouldn't be so, as the door should be opened with the least effort.

If you are in such a situation, try DIY methods or call a locksmith. Many factors could cause your door to malfunction, some of which are easy to fix. 

Let's examine them!

Poor Installation

In some cases, unprofessional locksmiths speed up services to maximize profit. At the end of the day, they deliver poor jobs. Poor lock or door installation could cause your lock to be misaligned. This can lead to difficulties in opening and closing the door. In such cases, calling a locksmith for door lock replacement and proper installation is the solution. The competent locksmith could make adjustments to the strike plate or do other modifications

Loose Door Locks

If your door has a lever-style handle lock, it may be loose from regular use, and as such, it won’t unlock or lock properly. To tighten them, align the door handles on both sides of the door and tape them in place temporarily, or ask for assistance with one person holding them while you work. After lining up the door handles, tighten the screws till they are fit with the doorknob and replace any screws that are broken or stripped.

Key Problems

Keys usually become worn or bent with use, making it harder to unlock the door. Sometimes, it works just by changing the key. Besides, if the lock is also worn out, having a new key may not be effective.

Climate Factors

The door lock can malfunction as a result of changes in humidity and temperature. One of them is that when it is winter, the metal elements of the lock might contract, making it more difficult to unlock the door. The swelling of wooden doors due to high humidity can also result in the stickiness of the doors in the door frame. In these cases, changing the door or using a dehumidifier can put an end to the issue.

Incorrect Key Usage

You may be pressing the key inappropriately. If an excessive force is being used or the lock is being turned in the wrong direction, then it will become harder to open it. Keep in mind that you need to fully insert the key and turn it slowly and gently. 

Jammed Locks

The deadbolt or the door lock may get jammed if there is dirt built up or if there is no lubrication. Exterior door locks are open to the elements, due to which tiny particles invade the lock, making insertion or unlocking difficult.

To fix this, put dry Teflon lube or powdered graphite in the keyhole to break through the jam. You can also use compressed air to clear out dirt from keyed deadbolts or keyed locks.

Seek Professional Advice

In case you are not able to unlock your door, it’s preferable to seek assistance from a professional locksmith. They have the training for repairing or replacing the parts in the locking mechanism without damaging the lock system.

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