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Will My Car Insurance Policy Cover a Locksmith
Will My Car Insurance Policy Cover a Locksmith

Will My Car Insurance Policy Cover a Locksmith

Will My Car Insurance Policy Cover a Locksmith

Are you locked out of your car and have called a locksmith but later, you start wondering whether or not you can get reimbursement for that unexpected cost from your insurance service provider?

Good news! While most locksmiths prefer to accept payments directly from their customer, you may choose to take your receipt from your locksmith and then submit if for reimbursement from your insurance service provider. 

So, at QuickPro Locksmith, we understand that losing your car key could be a spoiler for an already planned day and it mustn’t be an out-of-pocket expenditure. That is why we have options for resolving your lockout debacle or replacing your keys when you are covered under an insurance policy.

Call us now and a customer service representative will walk you through a number of issues and how we can be of help.

Roadside Assistance Policy on Locksmith Services

One of the common ways of getting reimbursed is with your roadside assistance program. There are chances that if you have roadside assistance on your insurance policy, it may be safe to say that you are covered. 

Meanwhile, you may also need to contact your insurance agent before the work is done, that way they’ll contact the locksmith serviced provider and offer to cover the cost of services rendered on your behalf. However, it is recommended that you contact your insurance service provider to be sure of the specifics of your roadside assistance coverage. This is because the insurance service provider offers may not necessarily be the same. 

Insurance Cover on Key Replacement

Usually, an insurance service provider who offer insurance cover for lost or stolen keys provides coverage for the following

  • Car lock’s recoding
  • Key replacement
  • Locksmith charges

It is expedient to state that there could be some limitation concerning coverage limit to lost or stolen keys that need to be replaced. For instance, an insurance service provider may offer a fixed amount which may cover the cost of a single key replacement but may not be enough to provide some needed protection for your electronic keys. 

Perhaps, a cheaper way to replace your key be by contacting a professional like QuickPro Locksmith, you will be sure of saving yourself some cost. Although insurance service providers may not necessarily cover lost keys, however, when the keys are broken or damaged, most policies will provide some coverage for the damaged keys. This coverage may include benefits to help you cover expenses of re-coding or replacing the keys.

Considerations on Insurance Coverage by QuickPro Locksmith

At QuickPro Locksmith, we understand that most insurance service provider’s contract out their roadside assistance needs to professional locksmith service providers like ours. Therefore, if you wish to push your insurance service provide to cover your locksmith needs so you can pay a reduced amount, QuickPro Locksmith will be glad to receive your call. 

We have received and worked with many large insurance service providers and can’t wait to help you with your locksmith service while you just need to pay the amount not covered by your insurance service provider.

Be assured that ignition replacement, FOB reprogramming or key recoding just took a new turn and that we’ve got the solution as long as you’ve got the need, so give us a call today.