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Five Tips to Burglar Proof Your Front Door
Five Tips to Burglar Proof Your Front Door

Five Tips to Burglar Proof Your Front Door

Five Tips to Burglar Proof Your Front Door

Your door is the first security component of your home; therefore, it is important to burglar-proof the front door so that intruders will be unable to unlock it. The advancement in locking system has resulted in the manufacturing of high-tech systems such as timers, cameras and smart access that can be controlled remotely. Here are five tips you must keep in mind to burglar proof your front door;

Make Your Front Door Stronger

You might have installed deadbolts and other safety devices on your door but the door is still weak if it is not made with stronger materials such as wrought iron or solid wood. Hardwood doors are stronger than pine doors. You may even want to switch to a metal door. Hollow core door should not be used for the front door, they are only preferred to enhance the interior.  Please contact us at QuickPro Locksmith company for more information on this. 

Make the Door Frame Stronger

The strength of your door frame is crucial because of the support it offers the lock. When intruders try to break the door, the energy is transferred to the frame, and a weak frame can make the door fall easily. It is important that you strengthen both the door and its frame. This means the door jams must be fortified, with metal placements and door stops to ensure that the door doesn’t get pulled off the hinges. 

Use Stronger Locks

Now that you have strengthened the door, you should consider making the locks stronger. Deadbolts are still considered the strongest when it comes to maximum protection for the home. They possess long strike plates for extra-durable protection. Please get in touch with us at QuickPro Locksmith to install deadbolts and other necessary lock and door strengthening services.

Burglar-proof Your Front Door by Mounting Extra Safety Devices

The installation of a strong door along with a door frame is not enough to burglar-proof your home. You should consider some other security devices such as motion-lighting sensors and security cameras to deter intruders from moving too close to your home. 

Other Steps You Should Take to Enhance Security at the Front Door

Make sure you install a light at the front of your door and ensure that the strike plate of the door is strong (The strike plate is that long metal strip inside the lock) You can contact us at QuickPro Locksmith to change the strike plate inside your lock to make it more efficient.  You should also consider the installation of a premium quality deadbolt for your home. Foolproof deadbolts can be broken by some professional burglars, this is why you should consider deadbolts that are anti-pick and stronger in nature. 

QuickPro Locksmith Offers 100% Reliable Front Door Security Repair and Installation Services

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