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You Shouldn't Ignore These Door Lock Issues
You Shouldn't Ignore These Door Lock Issues

You Shouldn't Ignore These Door Lock Issues

You Shouldn't Ignore These Door Lock Issues

Despite the important role locks play in ensuring our security, when it comes to home improvement, other priorities take precedent in the to-do list of most homeowners. They seem to concentrate on the exterior and interior decorations, heat, and cooling systems, and electrical installations.

The negligence makes it difficult to notice malfunctioning locks before the situation gets worse. Imagine finding out your door won’t lock in the morning while rushing out for an appointment! Would you leave your doors open or wait for the arrival of a nearby locksmith? Such emergencies are avoidable if we learn how to take care of the little things in our homes.

The experts at QuickPro Locksmith will talk you through those door lock issues you should not ignore in this article.

Misaligned Locks

Improper installation is a major cause of misaligned locks. Some contractors and technicians avoid using the right procedure for lock installation. They end up having doors with deadbolts not fitting properly into the strike plate. Another cause of door misalignment is aggressively swinging the doors open and close. If such recklessness continues, the hinges and other parts will get disoriented.

A misaligned lock will not allow the door to close. If it does, it won’t close properly. To correct this, you need an expert to align the strike plate along with the door jam. You can also do this with the right tools and the help of others.

Loose Locks and Handles

It is easy to ignore loose door handles and locks. After all, they are easy to fix! Any part of your security system that doesn’t fit well is a threat to your safety. A wiggly door handle is a sign that the locks are weak. By extension, it also indicates that the doors may not be trusted. Check out your door handles as well as locks to ensure everything is working correctly.

Turning Lock Cylinder

A hardware key is designed to spin while aligning with the pins and lock cylinder to open or close the lock. If the key spins around without touching any part of the lock cylinder, then there is a problem. The cylinder is revolving with the key which may result in your being locked out of the door. You have to check your set screws to tighten them. If that option is not working, you can get a locksmith to repair the locks.

Jammed Locks

Applying too much force to open or close your door is not ideal. It is a sign that something is very much wrong with your locks. If the jam lock problem persists, the locks may break down entirely.

Besides wear and tear, the major cause of jam lock is the accumulation of dirt and filth. They slow down the movement of internal parts of the lock. You should not neglect any lock that is showing jamming signs. Try to lubricate the lock or consult a locksmith for door lock repairs.

Wrapping up

Lock problems can turn into a frustrating situation sometimes. It can lead to a lockout or emergency causing delays to your daily activities. Call us at QuickPro Locksmith to get the solution to all door lock issues. Needless doing it yourself since there is a professional waiting to help. Call us today.