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Why You Must Own Spare Keys?
Why You Must Own Spare Keys?

Why You Must Own Spare Keys?

Why You Must Own Spare Keys?

Having a spare key for your home, car or office can be a lifesaver and can ease stress. This is because people are increasingly finding themselves in a precarious situation where they will need a spare to access their property or business location. Spares are not meant for you to carry with other sets of keys. Drop them off with a trusted relative, friend, or colleague staying in the same city.

Unfortunately, some people do not believe in the importance of having a spare key, since they are too confident never to lose their keys. The truth is, no one determines when to have a lock or key emergency, it can come unexpectedly. Therefore, to make you realize the need of having a spare key, the experts from QuickPro Locksmith developed this article. Read on to avoid being stuck in a situation that could be frustrating or embarrassing!

Spare Keys Provide Peace of Mind

You will go about your business knowing that you can access your home, car, or office if you lost your main keys. No more having that tension when your keys are lost or when you are locked out of your home. All you have to do is call the person in possession of the spare key.

Saves Money and Time

Have you ever experienced a lockout situation? Perhaps after shopping, you realized your keys got missing! In such a situation, you must call the locksmith to open the door and cut a new set of keys for you. What about the waiting time for the arrival of the locksmith? Depending on the service provider, you could wait for hours before the locksmith arrives.

However, you will not spend a dime if you have a spare key. Cutting a spare key is also cost-effective. Once you have your keys, a licensed locksmith can charge a low amount for cutting a replacement key for you.

Gives More Convenience to Multiple Users

Imagine when you have multiple people living under a roof with only a set of keys. The person in possession of the key will turn to a gatekeeper. The key could get lost or damaged because of multiple users.

Meanwhile, all those stress will be a thing of the past when there is a replacement or spare key. If every member of your household could have their keys, they could conveniently access any part of the house without restrictions. For business owners that might be skeptical about their keys getting into the wrong hands, they can install a master key system.

That way, you can limit some employees from accessing sensitive places in your office. If you want a trusted locksmith to configure a master key system for your business, look no further than QuickPro Locksmith. We have the experience and equipment to install an effective master key system for your business needs.

No Worries About Accidental Lockouts

One of the reasons for having a spare key is to be calm during accidental lockouts. Such emergencies include locking a toddler or a pet in your house or car. With a spare key, you wouldn’t be calling the police or a nearby locksmith. Instead, you will conveniently open the door.


Though it's good to have a spare key, some precautions will help you avoid your security from being compromised. Some of the precautions include:

  • Doing a background check on the person you hand over your spare key
  • Do not hide or place your spare outside your home.
  • Stop telling people about how effective your spare keys are
  • Install a master key system for your business

All these tips will help you have total control of your security system. If you need a reliable service provider for key duplication, key cutting, or master key installation, do not hesitate to call the experts at QuickPro Locksmith.