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Improving Your Garden Security
Improving Your Garden Security

Improving Your Garden Security

Improving Your Garden Security

Your garden is not a regular grass patch.  It is usually an open or covered space right inside your vicinity. Do not be misled by the size of your backyard or a small balcony at home.  At any scale, your garden must be safe. 

The safety and security of your garden as well as your backyard is part of your home security system. If people can access your garden at will, then you need to consider fast improvement.

So what are the ways to improve your garden security? We will answer all your questions in this article.

Use Fences and Walls as Physical Barriers

Certain neighborhoods allow property owners to install fences or walls up to 6 feet in height without applying for any special permits. 

  • Choose durable materials: Pick fences made of long-lasting materials such as wood, metal, and concrete that are robust and durable.  
  • Add lattice: Put pointed and natural wooden lattice on top of the fence to discourage intruders from scaling the fence. 
  • Trim overhanging branches: Remove the branches of the trees that are too high so that intruders won't use the high branches as a way to break into the property. 
  • Spread gravel: Fill the route an intruder might take with sharp and noisy pebbles that will not let him make a quiet entrance. 

Secure Gates with Reliable Locks

Your shed, being the most sensitive area, is susceptible to break-ins. For that, you need to install locks that will offer security:

  • Rim Locks: They are low-cost and good for gates but may not be extremely durable. 
  • Long Throw Locks: Constructed key-based door locks that can be installed on side entrances or doors that lead to the property. 
  • Mortise Deadlocks: Electronic locks for metal fences are a perfect security solution.  
  • Padlocks: With the addition of hasp and staple locks, secure sheds and gates. 

Light Up Your Garden

Visibility should be increased to prevent intruders. How about including garden security lights to make low spots brighter? Motion-sensing lights located near entrances and passages can startle burglars and alert others to their presence.

Install a Security Alarm System

The kind of security system largely depends on the size of your garden, the exposure of your property, and the surrounding objects.  If you have items like expensive garden furniture that are displayed openly, this should be accounted for. 

These days, the varieties of security features range from motion sensors to even high-resolution CCTV systems; all of which can be used to evidence a crime in case of a break-in. 

Perform Routine Maintenance

To guarantee that your gates are always operational, it is good practice to have them in great condition. Take note of the loose wall panels, as they provide an excellent way for a thief who wants to go in and out without getting seen. Replace the whole length of the fence with a new one in case there is a need for additional security.

A Locksmith can Help

Maintaining a clean and safe garden, with good lighting and high fencing, provides you with a perfectly serene area to relax, knowing that your private paradise is safe.

However, you need a professional locksmith from Quickpro Locksmith, to provide a complimentary home security assessment, pointing out possible weaknesses and advising on the solutions. 

We are open round the clock to fit with your schedule. Feel free to contact us whenever you need locksmith assistance.