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5 Secret Uses for Your Key Fob 
5 Secret Uses for Your Key Fob 

5 Secret Uses for Your Key Fob 

5 Secret Uses for Your Key Fob 

Basically, the key fob is used to lock and unlock car doors and trunks. It is a remote device that has relegated the use of mechanical keys. Offering convenience and higher security to car owners. But do you know that the key fob can help you do more than just unlock your cars? Yes, there is a lot you can do with that small remote device!

In this article, the experts from QuickPro Locksmith have highlighted five other uses for your car key fob. Read to learn more.

Remote Car Starting

On those chilly days, going outside was a punishment. You no longer have to get inside the frozen car before zooming off for an appointment. Stay in your sitting room, use the remote engine start button to put on the ignition and your car will be warm again.

Easy Trunk Unlocking

No more operating the trunk with the mechanical lock. Now you can open the trunk from outside your car with a click of a button. This gives you control over every part of your home. It also makes unloading items from the trunk much easier.

Alarm Activation to Help You Stay Safe

The "panic" button will help you in many ways. From blazing when an unauthorized entry attempt is dictated to helping to identify your car in a crowded parking lot. You can simply activate the panic button using the key fob.

Also, you can use the panic button to scare off criminals late at the night. Assuming there is illegal movement outside your home in the middle of the night, hit the panic button from the inside to alert other neighbors and scare the criminals. 

Fold In Your Mirrors in A Tight Parking Space

Body scratches and damaged side mirrors are some of the negative side effects of parking in a tight corner. But by effective use of the key gob, you can get your car into a tight parking space.

This feature can be activated by holding the key fob lock button for ten seconds. The side mirror will fold in. Controlling your side mirror will also help other cars to squeeze in.

Lower Your Windows

Lowering all the windows in your car is now simple with the use key fob. Cars parked outside for long need ventilation before using the AC. So with the key fob, it is no longer stressful getting your car ventilated. Just press the unlock buttons twice but hold it down the second time, all windows will eventually come down.

Other features of the key fob

Seat Adjustment Made Easy:

Some drivers get confused about how to adjust their car seats. Recent cars have many buttons below the seat that may be confusing to new car owners.

The technology is called setting memory seat positions. To do this, you will get details from the Driver Information center. Then use any of the key fobs for the configuration. Note: this feature is only applicable to new model cars.

Get a Locksmith to Upgrade Your Security System

No worries if you have an older model car, the locksmiths at QuickPro Locksmith, can help you install remote systems. With our key fob programming service, we can resolve any issues you have. Kindly call us now.