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How to Choose the Right Smart Locks
How to Choose the Right Smart Locks

How to Choose the Right Smart Locks

How to Choose the Right Smart Locks

Thanks to technology evolution, modern smart locks are manufactured to provide enhanced security features and better convenience. As a result, smart lock installation allows you to access enhanced security features you will not get in older products. Consider upgrading your traditional locks if you are looking to improve your home or office security.

You may need to contact a trusted locksmith to assess your home or office security and to recommend the right smart locks. Contacting QuickPro Locksmith for your smart lock installation will ensure that you get reliable services at affordable rates.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the factors you should consider before purchasing a smart lock.

Features to Lookout for When Choosing a Smart Lock

Before you walk into any security store to purchase a random smart lock, there are some features you should consider first. These features will stir you towards making the right decisions. These top features will help you to choose the right smart locks:

The Door

You need to study your door before buying a smart lock. No need to invest in a smart lock that will not fit into your door. Smart locks come in different shapes and sizes, so, you need to understand your door type before purchasing the perfect smart lock for your home or office.

When studying your door, you should pay attention to its alignment. You need to choose the lock that will accurately align with the holes in your doors. If you do not know how to measure the alignment of your door, you should call a locksmith for help.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Keypad

The next step is to decide on the most preferred way to access your home or office. Evaluate the available options smart locks offer – WiFi, Bluetooth biometrics or Keypad. Depending on your needs, you could go for locks having the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone or tablet above punching a set of codes. Choosing the way you prefer to access your home or office will determine the type of smart lock you should buy.


Some smart locks may malfunction in some countries as a result of extreme weather conditions. However, there are models manufactured to withstand extreme weather. Such smart locks will function effectively irrespective of the weather condition. If you live in a place with extreme weather, only purchase smart locks that will function properly under such conditions.

Battery Life

Only go for smart locks that have good battery life. Some of these locks have an auto-lock feature that locks your door as soon as it is closed. This type of smart lock will drain its battery faster. Also, if you prefer the Bluetooth access control system, you may need to consider the battery life of your smartphone or tablet. The last thing you want is a dead phone when you are about to access your home or office.

Final Words

Some smart locks also give you a temporary key that allows you to access your home or office with uniquely designed traditional keys. These types come in handy when your smartphone battery is dead. If you need a reliable smart lock installation service? Contact QuickPro Locksmith today.