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A Complete Guide to Secure Your Home
A Complete Guide to Secure Your Home

A Complete Guide to Secure Your Home

A Complete Guide to Secure Your Home

Are you looking for ways to step up the security of your home in these times against potential criminal invasion? From doing simple home safety precautions, installing security systems, and working with security operatives, your safety is assured!

To proffer measures that will help you protect your home, QuickPro Locksmith has written a complete guide. We have listed ten effective precautions to follow, so all you need to do is follow each. Let's begin.

Upgrade to High-Security Locks

Burglars will most likely go through the front door to access homes and offices. That is why securing your door is of utmost importance for your security.

Here are a few recommendations:

Check Your Windows

The window is another entry point criminals use to gain access if unlocked. Ensure your windows come with locks, and never leave them open.

Add Lighting to the Environment

Having lights on the exterior of your home deters criminals from coming close because they wouldn't want to be seen. Strategically install lights at the front door, patios, window areas, etc.

Check out these few recommendations:

  • Incorporate motion sensor lights
  • Install timers for interior lights
  • Use outdoor solar lighting systems

Your Garage is Important

Your garage can be a potential hideout for criminals to creep in, don't give them that opportunity! Ensure that you close the garage doors, or criminals can invade and cart away valuables.

Check the Door Frames and Hinges

Ensure that frames are sturdy and fit perfectly on the door. Check the hinges to see if they are screwed properly in place.

  • Replace weak doors with solid ones
  • Install anti-bump door locks
  • Use an adjustable safety bar for sliding glass doors

Hide Your Spare Key properly

Hiding your spare key in a place like under the welcome mat, in a flowerpot, mailbox, etc., are not a great idea. Criminals are familiar with these spots already, so you must change positions. Alternatively, pay a locksmith to make duplicates of the keys and give them to everyone at home.

Here are a few recommendations where you can keep your spare key:

  • In your wallet
  • Under the dog house
  • Keep the key with a trusted neighbor
  • In a security box

Don't Create Hideouts in Your Home

Criminals can sight places that they can easily hide in to ambush at the right time. Again, having yard lights will also help to remove any unnecessary hideouts.

Educate Your Family Members on Security Measures

Implementing security measures starts with every family member being security conscious. Everyone in the house should follow these simple routines to ensure safety.

These recommendations will help you:

  • Simple routines like locking doors and windows at night
  • Ensure you know the person at the door before opening the door
  • Have a plan B in case of an emergency.

Install Home Automation

You can remotely monitor and control your home security with home automation installations. You can install your CCTV cameras, smart locks, light controls, and other security devices.

Update the Security Agencies in Case of Eventualities

It will help if you contact the right agents when the need arises. If you feel a security threat, never hesitate to seek help from the police or other known security agencies.

Need Further Clarifications?

Here is a complete guide to secure your home in these ten steps. Start with the easy ones, then move to others and ensure you maintain the routine. At QuickPro Locksmith, we offer all kinds of commercial and residential locksmith services. If you are looking for a company to handle your security installations, contact us to enjoy maximum satisfaction.