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What to do When Your Key Fob is Not Working
What to do When Your Key Fob is Not Working

What to do When Your Key Fob is Not Working

What to do When Your Key Fob is Not Working

Are you having issues with your remote key? Is it refusing to open the vehicle's door?  Anything would have caused the remote key to start malfunctioning.

While remote keys are convenient to use compared to their traditional counterparts, they can get complicated in the process. If the problem is severe, don't hesitate to contact QuickPro Locksmith to get a lasting solution. However, in this article, we will look at the right steps to take when your remote key is not working.

Do a Proper Examination

Assumptions will lead you to the wrong conclusions. It is better to evaluate the key fob or troubleshoot to identify the problem.

For example, the car's receiver could be badly damaged hence its inability to respond to the key. To properly ascertain the problem, try using another key to unlock the door. If the second key is working, then the problem is not key-related. 

Check the SMT Switch

Perhaps a part of the button has detached from the switch. This is why you always have to watch your key because this occurrence is common with remote keys. If there is a detached button, you must locate and reattach it.

The SMT switch is essential in determining if the key will work, so ensure the switch is in place. If your SMT switch is not functioning, replacement will be the solution. 

Replace Dead Batteries

Problems related to dead batteries are not as complex as you may think! You only need a new battery from a department store to replace the dead ones. 

However, the difficult part is opening the remote key to remove the dead battery. Opening the remote key  should be done carefully to avoid damaging the key or injuring yourself. 

Check the Button Contacts

After replacing the dead batteries and the problem persists, check the button contacts to see if they are worn out. One of the ways to know that your buttons are worn out is to apply more pressure than usual for the key to function. 

Some buttons may work while others are stiff, and you have to press them repeatedly before they respond. A button that is worn out needs replacement else it can break the key. Tk manually resolve this, put aluminium foil on the buttons to restore the contacts. The foil will help to reconnect the connection between the button and the circuit board.

Replace the Key

You need a car key replacement if you have tried everything mentioned above! That is, you’ve changed the batteries, worked on the buttons, and put the switches together. That shouldn't be a hassle for you. Your automotive locksmith can help you change your key. However, ensure you hire a professional and reliable service that will do a good job.

Call Us for Car Key Replacement Service

You can see that fixing your remote key does not require too many complicated processes. It is as simple as following the five tips we have provided in this article. If you do not know how to go about your remote key, explore other options, like hiring a locksmith service provider.

It will save you from trying and then spoiling something in the process. At QuickPro Locksmith, we are professionals in replacing car keys, cutting new keys, replacing dead fob batteries, etc. You can contact us for our automotive locksmith service and be assured that our technicians will help you with your key issues.