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I Lost My Keys: Should I Replace a Key or Rekey a Lock?
I Lost My Keys: Should I Replace a Key or Rekey a Lock?

I Lost My Keys: Should I Replace a Key or Rekey a Lock?

I Lost My Keys: Should I Replace a Key or Rekey a Lock?

Are you in a lock-related dilemma? Perhaps your keys are lost and you are confused about the right thing to do! When it comes to securing your home, there are usually two options: rekeying and replacement.

Most people aren't familiar with the word "Rekeying," which is another more cost-effective option. Homeowners would rush to change the locks not that it is the only option but they don't know much about rekeying and its benefits. That is why we will help you explain more about these two methods in this article and situations requiring key replacement or rekeying.

Rekeying and Replacement Methods

Most homeowners change the door locks to ensure safety. However, apart from key replacement, there is another method called rekeying, which a professional locksmith can help you do. You do not have to buy a new door lock and deadbolt. The locksmith only needs to alter the locking mechanism inside the current lock, and your lock is rekeyed. 

What is Rekeying

Rekeying is a process that helps you get a new set of keys by changing the pin combination in the door lock. The new pin in the lock has a combination different from the old lock, meaning the old key can no longer open the lock. 

After changing the pins inside the lock, the cylinder will be re-installed. It is easy and affordable to rekey all your locks so you can use one key to access all of them. 

When to Consider Rekeying a Lock

  • When you move into a new apartment, you might seem worried about the number of people with a copy of your house keys. 
  • Missing or misplaced keys. Perhaps they have been stolen without a trace, and you don't want authorized access to your keys.
  • When trying to save cost 

What is Lock Replacement? 

Lock replacement is different from rekeying. Replacement will cost more since you will be buying a new doorknob, deadbolt, or even a strike plate, depending on the type of lock. Plus, the cost of hiring a locksmith for the key replacement services. Every lock issue is not the same, and there are situations where only replacement is applicable. 

When to Consider Replacing a Lock

  • Burglars broke into your house, and the lock's security has been manipulated
  • Worn out or old and out of fashion locks.
  • You desire a uniform design for all the locks
  • Lock or security upgrade - you want to upgrade your home security by installing high-security locks or locks with more secure features like smart locks
  • Malfunctioning locks 

Call us to rekey or replace your locks

Your home security starts with ensuring you have a secure lock before anything else. If you want your locks rekeyed or need advice on your home security, discuss that with us at QuickPro Locksmith. We have the technical know-how and skilled technicians trained to provide rekeying services, key replacements, or resolve any other door lock issues. If you have moved into a new home or misplaced your key, contact QuickPro Locksmith, and we will take it from there.