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Best Commercial Safe Options

Best Commercial Safe Options

Are you a business owner whose looking for ways to better secure your cash and inventory in 2019? Then it might be time to invest in a quality commercial safe. At QuickPro Locksmith, we provide reliable commercial, residential and automotive services, and enjoy helping our clients find peace of mind. Here are some suggestions for the best commercial safe options available for small to medium size businesses. 

Digital Electronic Cash Drop Box

These small drop boxes are perfect for allowing staff to make small deposits of cash and checks. Their size makes it easy to slip behind the counter next to a cash register, and work well for safely storing individual hundred or twenty dollar bills, and holding small envelopes of cash after each employee’s register is counted and closed. 

Large Front Load Depository Vault

It’s also helpful for retail stores, restaurants and other high traffic establishments to have a large front load depository vault on hand as well. These are often stored in the back office, and can only be accessed by the owner or top level management. Use this safe to deposit all the small cash drops from the registers, and to hold big deposits before your daily trip to the bank. 

Small Basic Security Safety Box

A safety box is an excellent way to keep your cash and check deposits protected during transport. Rather than relying on a simple bank zipper pouch, a criminal would have to know your passcode to gain access to the money. 

 Fire and Flood Resistant Safe 

It may also be wise to keep a large safe for valuable company assets or vital information that needs to be protected from prying eyes. A durable fire and flood resistant safe will not only help defend against burglary, but will keep its contents secure during bad weather, fires or a natural disaster. 

Security Room

Do you often house extremely valuable inventory or are you required to keep highly sensitive customer data? Then a security room might also be a potential solution. Turn an entire room into a large safe by installing a vault door and reinforcing entry ways, windows and walls to deter thieves from entering. Choosing vault doors with keyless entry or biometric systems will take security to the next level, by ensuring access controls internally as well. 

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