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What Are The Best Padlocks?

What Are The Best Padlocks?

The primary purpose of getting a padlock is to secure your most valuable items, but unfortunately, the barrage of vague marketing promises makes it difficult for users to choose the best product. However, it is a fact that not all locks are created the same and the price of a padlock does not imply that it will meet all standard requirements or give you the needed security. 

Therefore, to get the right padlock that will suit your need, you have to put many factors into consideration and learn about some characteristics of padlocks.

Here are some considerations that will help you make an informed decision when trying to purchase a padlock with the right security features that can resist break-ins and deter intruders.

Padlock purchase considerations:

Lock size

This is one of the most important things to consider when you are about purchasing a lock because the bigger the padlock, the better it is in resisting cutting, twisting, and drilling.

A padlock with a beefier body and high strength-to-weight ratio is the most preferable because it will make it more resistant to the brute force methods used by burglars.


The strength of the material used in manufacturing the padlock is another critical factor to be considered. 

Padlocks made with hardened steel are considered to be the strongest of them all. If you want padlocks that are highly resistant to corrosion and rust, you could go for the ones made with stainless steel materials.

Key variation and size

A padlock with a broad range of key variations makes it very difficult to copy by potential intruders. The complexity and number of pins determine how secure a padlock could be and in some cases, it becomes impossible to copy the keys.

In other words, more pins on the key imply there will be more security on the padlock. So, you need to go for padlocks with keys of variable pins. Some of these top brands have padlocks with multiple pins: Schlage, Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset, Chubb locks, Kaba group, ABUS (August Bremicjer Sohne KG)

Shoulder Shroud

The combination of thickness and size of the padlock contributes to its protective and resistive abilities. Intruders find padlocks that are not thick to be easy to cut through.

While making your choice for a padlock that will fit your need, you should select the ones that have thick and large shoulder shrouds.

Anti-drill plate

A drill bit finds it difficult to break through a hardened plate. Though the drill plate varies in effectiveness, it is recommended that you buy padlocks with hardened plates because they deflect the drill bits from penetrating.

Nonprofessionals find it hard to identify padlocks with hardened drill plates, but having this knowledge will be more beneficial to the security of your valued items. Call QuickPro Locksmith, and a professional will put you through.

Other things to consider before making your decision for the best padlock that will suit your need are the types that are available in the market. They are:

  • Standard padlocks
  • Luggage locks
  • Combination padlocks
  • Shackle-less padlocks and 
  • Storage unit locks

When you put all the factors mentioned in this article into consideration before choosing the padlock to buy, you will surely get one that is difficult to cut through, twist and drill. You can also call QuickPro Locksmith for further clarification.