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Do Double Cylinder Deadbolts Provide More Security?
Do Double Cylinder Deadbolts Provide More Security?

Do Double Cylinder Deadbolts Provide More Security?

Do Double Cylinder Deadbolts Provide More Security?

Deadbolts are some of the strongest security components you can install in your lock to protect your home against forced entry. In case glass windows are in your home, then you will need double cylinder deadbolt for added security. In case you are in need of an evaluation of your home and office security, please contact QuickPro Locksmith, and we will help you determine if you will require double cylinder deadbolt and need deadbolt replacement service in your property. 

Your home or business security is as safe as the entry points. If the entry point that leads into your home or business is not secured then your home and offices are unsecured. High-security locks can be installed on solid doors, but when the door frames are damaged or there are hollow cores there, then high-security locks wouldn’t add to its security.

The Importance of Double Cylinder Deadbolts for Your Doors

Metal and solid wood material doors do offer stronger and more secure protection than glass doors. Though glass doors provide more aesthetic appeal, when glass windows are added to doors, or alongside the door frame, the integrity of the door will be downgraded hence you may have to replace such a glass window door with a more solid door frame. 

What a double cylinder deadbolt does is to slow down the burglar who is making attempts to enter through the front door. If the intruder breaks the door or the glass window located adjacent the door, he wouldn’t be able to flip back the bolt, unlike what he can do with the single cylinder deadbolt, with a thumb. A double cylinder deadbolt will, therefore, make it almost impossible for an intruder to gain access to your home or office because of the flipping back difficulties. 

If you really want to prevent or reduce the risks of intruders gaining access to your home or office through your door, you should replace weaker woods and glass doors with solid core doors, and then reinforce the door with double pane windows. You should also install grade-2 single cylinder deadbolts and then install an alarm system with break-in sensors.

QuickPro Locksmith Offers 100% Reliable Door and Lock Installation Services

Fortunately, our certified and professional locksmith technicians at QuickPro Locksmith can perform all these for you are budget-friendly costs and with maximum warranties. Experts locksmith technicians also suggest that metal security doors are simply the most practical door options you should consider for your office. 

Do not play with the security of your door, if you do, home and office invaders will find it easy to gain entry into your home or office. QuickPro Locksmith offers a number of personalized door security installation options that will make your door more secure. 

We also provide smart access systems where you can use codes to access a particular door in your office. We do offer front door security alert systems that can send signals to your phone or trigger alarms and even make video recordings of people who access your door on a daily basis. Give us a call today and we will be right there to help you out.