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Home Security Lessons for Children

Home Security Lessons for Children

Maintaining a secured home is even more important when you have kids living with you but children can easily compromise your home security system when they are not educated on them. Below are some tips and ideas on educating your children about home security. Please contact QuickPro Locksmith in case you need an upgrade to your home electrical system. 

The Home Alarm Systems

While the home alarm systems send signals to homeowners when intruders are lurking around their homes, it is important to teach children about the use of such systems. Children must know what the alarm system is, why it is installed and how to set and disarm it. You must demonstrate to children how to disarm the system if it goes off accidentally and creates fear. Practice the setting and disarming of the alarm system with them until they are able to handle it on their own. 

Window and Door Locks

More than 30% of burglaries have been found to occur as a result of unlocked doors, windows, and garages. Children must be taught to lock the doors, and windows whenever they exit any room in the home. They must also understand the dangers of leaving the windows and doors unlocked. If you want to upgrade to a smart locking system, your children must memorize the codes to unlock the door. In addition to teaching your children about locking windows and doors, you should consider installing a smart system that can send notifications from your home to your smartphone when a door or window is unlatched. 

Emergency Preparations

Sometimes, being prepared for security issues may not be enough to stop certain situations such as natural disasters, in this case, you and your children need to know how to evacuate and learn some basic emergency actions. 

Parents must teach their children what actions to take during emergencies. These emergencies may include housefires caused by negligence or through a power surge or natural disasters. Children must be familiar with the escape routes from the house as well as meeting points for all family members.  The emergency meeting point should be one that intruders will find difficult to detect. 

You need to teach your children to find a safe area first before calling 911. Children can panic and make irrational decisions when faced with difficult situations, but teaching them to remain calm will help them make better decisions in cases of emergencies. 

Contact QuickPro Locksmith to Upgrade Your Security Systems

In addition to forgetting to lock the doors and windows, the use of obsolete security systems in homes can give intruders plenty of opportunities to invade your home. If you are residing in an old home, you may want to get in touch with a local locksmith technicians to inspect your locks and surveillance system for the purpose of replacing them with new and more sophisticated devices. QuickPro Locksmith will perform a thorough audit for internal and external security system before making recommendations on necessary changes. Give us a call today and let us make your home more secure.