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Guide for Master Key Systems
Guide for Master Key Systems

Guide for Master Key Systems

Guide for Master Key Systems

Many people often assumed that all deadbolt locks are master-keyed, whereas it is a big fallacy. A deadbolt or other type of lock must be purposely master-keyed, therefore residential and commercial deadbolt locks don’t come with pre-fabricated master keys. Many years back, manufacturers of mortise deadlocks do provide some products with flaws, just to purposely allow for the use of a skeleton key usage.  The skeleton key used in this case was later referred to as the master key.

Some manufacturers of coin machine locks also known as cam locks also routinely provide master-keyed locks routinely. The primary reason for the production of master-keyed cam locks is for commercial premise owners who rely on on-site maintenance service to minimize the huge number of keys required by janitors to carry. If you are looking for a master key service for your home or commercial premise, please contact us at QuickPro Locksmith.

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The creation of a master key by professionals normally involves the creation of a spreadsheet and list for the numerous doors on the property for which the customers want to operate the master key. The entire premise may also be surveyed and each keyed door will be numbered. Details of each keyed door, including the hinge location and size, door hardware type and color, and plate type are also noted before creating a master key. This information will help the technician understand what type of key operates each type of door.

Other Steps in Master Key System Creation

In addition to these, a list of doors and numbers are represented on graphs. Similarly, employee names and keyholders are listed before checking the name under the corresponding door for which each employee requires access. This information gathering helps in designing an accurate master key system for a commercial premise.

In the making of master keys, the Bilock method is mostly preferred because it comes with a restricted keyway that is impossible to duplicate. With this system, nobody will get an extra key copy without authorization. The Bilock keys are often color-coded for easy identification. The master key system number may also be embossed, alongside the key and issue numbers to certify that the key is the original and not a duplicated one. This method of designing a master key is very important to restrict or control access to certain areas, which also means improved security of the business premise.

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Fortunately, the master key system can still work in conjunction with the mechanical access control systems that are of very low maintenance.

In addition to making your commercial premise more secured, master key systems will provide more convenience and total control over granting access to authorized people only. If you want to know more about how a master key can benefit your commercial premise, please contact us at QuickPro Locksmith, and we will be there to access the situation and provide the much-needed master key service.