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How to Unlock a Door Without A Keyhole
How to Unlock a Door Without A Keyhole

How to Unlock a Door Without A Keyhole

How to Unlock a Door Without A Keyhole 

Being locked out of your home or bedroom can be frustrating, but it is completely overwhelming when the door doesn’t have a keyhole. In this case, there is no way you can use a spare key or try the popular picking methods. However, several methods can be employed to open a door without a keyhole, which we’ll be showing you in this article. 

Card Method 

The card method is the most common method you can take advantage of. The credit card is usually inserted between the door and the door latch. 

The first thing is to find a rigid, yet flexible card you can sacrifice for this method. Slide the card between the door and the door jamb. Wiggle the card until it's level with the strike plate. From there, press the card against the latch, until it begins to push in the latch. Once the latch is depressed enough, push the door open. 

The card method often leverages the spring nature of the door latch that can be depressed with the right amount of force. 

Pinhole Bypass

Some door knobs contain a small hole in front of the knob for lubrication, and to allow water to drain out of the lock. However, this hole can also be used to unlock the knob when someone experiences a lockout. 

The first step is to search for a tool that can fit into the dimension of the pinhole. A paper clip or extremely small flathead screw will be of help. If you're using a paper clip, unwind the clip and bend it straight. You can use a pair of pliers to press the clip so that it can fit perfectly. 

Once you've confirmed that the length of the clip is long enough to reach the actuator, insert the clip into the pinhole and turn both directions to find out which way unlocks the knob. The knob will turn freely once unlocked.

Door Knob Removal

Another way to unlock a door without a keyhole is to remove the knob. What you need in this case are small screwdrivers that can remove the screws. The first thing to do is to locate the screws holding the doorknob to the lock and unscrew them. Remove the knob and manually pull back the locking mechanism into the door to open.

Under the Doorway

This method is particularly for doors that can be opened from the interior. You will need a long piece of metal that has a hook-end for this method. Preferably, a wire hanger.

The length must allow two bends, the first bend provides a length to hold, and a length to pass under the door, the second bend is to allow the metal to hook the handle. Once you've succeeded in doing this, pull out from your side, and the door will unlock.

Call a Nearby Locksmith

The best method we will recommend is to call a professional locksmith that can solve this lockout in minutes. A professional locksmith can also decipher other issues with your lock and suggest ways, such as repair or new lock installation. 

Whenever you are locked out of a door without a keyhole, you can start by trying these above methods or save yourself the stress by contacting an expert from QuickPro Locksmith.