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Why Does My Key Fob Not Work After a Battery Change?
Why Does My Key Fob Not Work After a Battery Change?

Why Does My Key Fob Not Work After a Battery Change?

Why Does My Key Fob Not Work After a Battery Change?

Key fobs is one of the inventions many people find convenient and easy to use. They let you lock and unlock your car without the traditional procedures.

Yes, the key fob might be a delight to use, but it can also develop some faults with time. Here are some of the reasons you might be experiencing malfunctioning key fobs after a battery change.

Worn-out or Faulty Locks

If the key fob refuses to work after changing the batteries, then the problem could be that the lock is worn out, faulty, or even broken. Remember, while in use, dirt and moisture can get trapped inside to damage the lock. 

Try using a spare key fob if it is available. In the case where nothing works, taking the key to a locksmith for repairs or replacement becomes the solution.

Signs of a Faulty Lock:

  • Some of the locks respond while others don't
  • The lock refuses to lock or open when the key is inserted into the keyhole
  • The door is seen to move by making the usual audible sound but does not lock or unlock 


Take it to a locksmith in Dunwoody for repairs opt for a lock replacement 

  • Worn out Buttons

If the circuit boards can no longer receive signals from the contacts in the key fob button, it is possible the buttons are weak and worn out. This comes from constant use, which can cause the contacts in the control of the key fob to wear out fast. 

Signs of a Worn out Button:

  • There is no response when you press the button
  • The key can lock the door but cannot unlock it
  • You have to keep pressing some buttons one and over again till it works


Instead of repairing the contact, getting a new key fob is advisable 

  • Deprogramming

After changing the battery, the lock refured responding, then the issue might be programming and compatibility. The key may have been deprogrammed knowingly or unknowingly. Usually, the fob key is programmed into the vehicle's onboard computer system, so the system recognizes the key as an authorized user.  

Symptoms of Deprogramming include:

  • The key fob shut down and stopped working
  • The vehicle has been deprogrammed and doesn't respond to the key fob


Check the manual that comes with the fob for how to reprogram the key yourself

Faulty Key

You could also be dealing with a faulty key here. The key fob undergoes wear and tear, but this damage is more than that. 

The fob can get damaged from circuit board scratches which can negatively affect the key without being visible. Another factor that might affect the fob is moisture which can damage internal components.


Get a key fob replacement service from us


Usually, when the key fob is having issues, changing the battery is all it takes to get it working again. However, you can change the battery, and you are still struggling with it. Check out some of these issues we have pointed out to know which you are dealing with.

We welcome you to QuickPro Locksmith, and we are a passionate locksmith service that helps people with problematic key fobs. We offer worn-out button replacements, key fob programming, faulty locks repairs, and replacement, etc. Anytime you are dealing with a problem with your key fob, don't hesitate to call us.