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Key Fob Programming Guide
Key Fob Programming Guide

Key Fob Programming Guide

Key Fob Programming Guide

Most modern cars come installed with key fobs. You can control certain car functions using key fobs such as: locking and unlocking car doors from a distance, and controlling your car’s trunk and windows. Some key fobs even allow you to start the engine remotely. All these functions come in handy just at the press of a button.

To fortify your security and avoid signal interference, the receiver and transmitter of a key fob are synced. Hence for any average car user, key fob programming can be an uphill task in some car models.

Programming a new key fob can be done by following some simple steps, or seeking the assistance of a reliable locksmith. You can always give us a try at QuickPro Locksmith as we provide premium-rate locksmith services to all customers. Relax and read through some simple steps for reprogramming a car key fob. Let’s dive in fully, shall we?

Programming a Key Fob

Key fob programming varies from models to brands and even within the same model. Any key fob may be easily reprogrammed using the steps listed below. We try to broaden and cover enough grounds in this tutorial, but if the process is not applicable with your car, consult the services of a locksmith.

How to Program A Key Fob

  • Get in the driver's seat and shut all doors.
  • Press the lock button on the driver’s side
  • Repeatedly insert and remove the key until the hazard lights blink. Once this happens, it indicates activation of the programming mode.

If the hazard lights do not flash in ten seconds, you should start over. Put the key in and turn the "ON" switch. Do not start the engine, then push any button on the fob. You have set up the key fob for your Nissan.

For Other Advanced Models

Step 1

Get into the driver’s seat and close all doors except the driver’s door. Push the key twice without turning it in.

Step 2

With your key still inside its hole, close and open your door two times then leave it open. Insert the key and remove it from the ignition in under 40 seconds.

Step 3

With your key still out of the ignition, close and re-open your door twice but leave it open. Again, insert your key into the ignition and shut the driver’s door. Now turn the ignition ON and OFF but do not start the car.

Step 4

Remove your key and if you got it right the doors will automatically lock and unlock to show you are in programming mode. Press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the fob until a complete cycle is repeated.


Key Fob Programming can be a frustrating task to accomplish due to variations in models and types. The steps to take in programming your key fobs are pretty similar with variations from different models.

For a stress-free experience when it comes to programming key fobs, we recommend the services of an expert locksmith from QuickPro Locksmith. We deliver expert services at an affordable price.