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Why Do Deadbolts Provide Extra Security?

Why Do Deadbolts Provide Extra Security?

Most homeowners secure their entry door with a deadbolt, but many aren’t sure why they provide extra protection. Unfortunately, because some aren’t aware that deadbolts offer an important line of defense against burglary and home invasion, individuals may delay needed repairs or upgrades. At QuickPro Locksmith, we strive to keep our customer’s property safe and secure from crime. We want you to have the same level of protection against theft and vandalism. Here are a few reasons why deadbolts can give you an edge over potential thieves in your neighborhood. 

Larger Throw Length

A throw is the piece of a lock that sets into the door jamb to prevent access when locked. On a normal pin and tumbler door knob, the throw is very small, making is possible for seasoned criminals to break through by sliding a credit card or piece of thin plastic through the door jamb to release the throw. A deadbolt’s throw is substantially larger, and goes far deeper into the jamb, making this sort of technique impossible. 

Durable Strike Box

The second important feature of a deadbolt, is a larger and more durable strike box. In order to accommodate the bigger throw size, the strike box will also be deeply imbedded inside the door jamb, making it more difficult to dislodge by force. High security deadbolts often upgrade this characteristic even further by manufacturing strike boxes from steel or other extremely durable metals. 

More Difficult to Drill

Most criminals will prefer to choose a home with locks that are easy to bypass. However, there are times when a thief is determined to lift a unique item, or is targeting a specific individuals home. During these instances, a determined person may resort to drilling the locks with power tools. The basic aluminum found on most minimum standard locks can be quickly destroyed in this way. However, many deadbolt manufacturers will make their locks with reinforced metals, giving it a greater chance of resisting these tactics. 

Other Ways to Reinforce Your Entry Door

Along with high security deadbolt upgrades, there are other ways to reinforce your front entry door. Consider metal plates along the door jamb, to prevent the wood from being cracked or broken. Bars and other internal lock mechanisms can make your home more secure when it is occupied, and steel or metal doors can make it more difficult for criminals to force the door open. You may also think about purchasing keyless entry locks or a smart lock system with monitoring capabilities to prevent lock picking, and to easily identify the culprits who attempt a break in of your home. 

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